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Saturday, 23 April 2011

A day weary day at Disney

Hello Folk's,

It's me Ernie again, we had a lovely day at Disney with the four stooges, Sue, Glo, Tony  and Michael.

Boy was it HOT, about 100 degrees F, I nearly took my Jumper off., here's me with my mates.

As it was Easter there were a load of people but my mates managed not to get themselves lost, we had a great but tiring day.

Walt and Mickey still stand proud in the park as they did 11 years ago although the castle in the background has been altered.

Tigger and Poo were there and had a great time with the children although they must have been hotter than me and my mates.

Well although I'm a bear at least I have my uses and took a picture of them all.

As it got dark the Magic Castle came into it's own, this was just before the parade.

A shot at the beginning of the Electrical Parade, ain't I a clever bear taking this.

Love this one of the American flag and eagle at the end of the parade.

Well, loads more taken but we are off out now to wander International Drive on our REST day,so back in the bag till tomorrow.

luv to all Ernie


  1. Wow... super, super, pictures Ernie! Looks like you are all having a great time ..... Don't go too mad and remove the sweater and get a chill 'Ern... remember to keep the 'ol chest covered! I will look in again soon ... E xxxxxx

  2. Well, well I wish I could join you but I keep getting belts of hay fever. Better now the heat has gone.
    You will be ok as here on Wednesday the temp is going back to 16c.

    Have more fun and keep smiling as Mr Scott would say.

  3. Glad we are here and you are not sneezing all over me. Getting colder here at 25C today. slight cloud cover. Ah that Mr Scott, now there's a person we have not heard from for a while.