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Monday, 4 April 2011

Equipment used yesterday

Hi folks

Eileen has asked for some information on how images were taken in the air, well you first need a kite like the one below. Also a large field to fly it in, this one is a Delta.

The  kite is about 3 meters across and is staked to the ground once it is air bourne and aprox 200 ft  as you are not allowed to fly any higher unless you have authorisation from the CAA. The trick at this site is to get it above the houses on the sea front which can be a problem sometimes. Once the kite is at the right hight and stable you then attatch the camera rig as see below.

Here it is on the line, notice it is a small camera with little weight and that it is attached to the rig which allows the camera to take images at a set interval. This rig will also rotate 360 degrees and you can alter the cameras angle.

It's a bit like fishing, a lot of shots are deleted but a few are usable, you have to crop, and post process in Photo shop to get the desired effect. all the images are "free" as the camera is digital

I hope this helps Eileen and others.

All the best,  Mike


  1. Oooo cheers Mike .... that post was very interesting ....all clever stuff and I just love the colours on the Kite! x

  2. Thanks Eileen, that one was purchased from a Frenchman at the Canterbury Kite Festival many moons ago. That was only a brief view of part of the hobby, I also fly 4 line kites and Indian Fighters buy that's another story. Just another thing, what camera and lens is OTL using just as a matter of interest?

  3. Stuart is into Kites ...he teaches the scouts. Regarding Ken's Camera He has a couple of Nikon's D200 and D300. I have a D60 that I use for my card photos .... lovely camera. He has various lenses. One needs three people to carry it! lol. He went to West Kent college for a year and did a digital camera course, well worth the money. Go into his 'Photo art' link at the top of Daisy s diary and then click on details at the top of a picture then DETAILS(again) ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE that gives you all the technical stuff,what he used and how he took the picture including wot socks he wore that day !!

  4. Oooooops gave you the wrong info ....he has a D200 and a D3 ....not a D300 !!!!! x