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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We are off............

Hi all, this is your tour operator speaking.

Well they are all packed and ready for the off tomorrow morning.

They are going over to Cape Canaveral were the launch is due on Friday. There is an estimated half a million people converging on the area on Thursday and Friday, the launch day. They will spend the day there tomorrow and then shove off away from the launch site and let the locals fight out the roads in the area. Mike says we will be well away from the area by Friday's launch which is  a shame as we would have liked to see it.

Here are a few pictures of the hotel.

There you go, Ernie asked how much for an extra day at would be $286 per day they said so they said NO, looks like the CO-OP came up trumps as there cost was no way near that.

Hope you like the images. All ready to head south tomorrow,

Nite nite for now, Ernie  xxx


  1. Morning all ....looking forward to seeing you 'movin on! Hotel seems super but just as well you are not staying the extra night .... could be a bit cramped! and I bet you are longing to get back in your 'bag' 'Ern!! xx

  2. Hiya, glad you're having a good time. Have booked Mum in for a days work with Jo the Saturday you come back in Walderslade :)

    Love to you all and keep safe x

  3. Thanks Ian, I have sent you a text on out American phone. Cheers for booking the work.

    @ Eileen cheers Ern got drunk and had a hang over when we went to the space Centre but is ok now