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Sunday, 10 April 2011

silly Saturday.

Hi Folks,

Wot a funny day this was, I was going kite flying at Hillyfields in Gillingham but woke up with a bad head cold. I blame this on Daisy who thought It would be nice to sneeze in Dad Dad's face ( that's what she calls me) last week and then told me to put my hand over my mouth when I sneezed,..... kids.

Out into the garage I went to clear it up yet again after I made such a mess the day before. Sue keeps telling me to clear up as I go but that don't work for me, I like being in a mess.

Then onto another favourite job, cutting the grass, what a chore that is. Why in the world of technology cant they make grass stop growing but still stay green?  I know, Astro turf but I don't think ere indoors would  like that.

I did say I wanted to go Kite flying, well this never happened  I got side tracked once again watching the not so Grand National. By this time I had given up and had another cup of tea not knowing at the time the plight of those two horses that the BBC covered up.

Oh well that was it, get changed as Pam and Garry, old friends were coming for a Chinese and spending the evening with us and guess what, no Kite flying.

That's it for today

Better sport on tomorrow, F1 at least the drivers have a choice.

All the best, Mike


  1. Sounds like today will be better for you! I watched the F1 qualifying and I am in London today (Sunday) so I am hoping to avoid the results till I am home and can watch the recorded race! It's gonna be difficult as they have a big screen at Ally Pally and it shows the flippin race every year! X

  2. Hi Eileen, yep head cold is now going to my chest which is about par for the course. Never mind, I will slum it on the sofa for a couple of hours and then go out SHOPPING. ( I don't mind it when I want something). You have a GREAT day. X

  3. Make sure that cold does not end up with a chest infection Mike

  4. @ Jean Darley, will do, I will take are of myself. Looks like you had a good trip by the look of the photo's. I will be on Facebook till next weekend and then only use the blog whilst I'm away as it will be for a while. I think this would be wise. Could you pass on my details to anyone that wishes to use the blog whilst away, obviously not via Facebook, Thanks Jean, it will be nice to have a following,