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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Further Upchurch Adventures

We did so much at Upchurch that I shall carry on from yesterday.

I thought this was an unusual fungi on the side of a tree with another forming on the front.

This is the one I was taking a picture of in yesterdays' blog.

Same fungi looking from underneath.

More found on the ground by the fence.

Last fungi for the day I promise, taken at the side of the apple orchard.

Would you like a Dandelion readers??

Wildlife collection by the pond.

Silkie Chickens

Daisy was running round and round in a circle singing about monkeys and as she went past Sue was taking her picture.................. then.................all fall down.................., she picked herself up and looked at her muddy hand and carried on.

Ah a famous Rabbit hole for Daisy and Holly, although Holly would have a job getting down this hole.

Last but not least an unscathed Daisy wanting to go home. " Can we go home now please?"

This one and a few others were taken by Sue

Nite nite, luv Mike, Daisy and Sue XX


  1. Looks like Daisy had a good time ...'singing about monkeys' ! Don't expect it will make the top ten! lol but I bet it was smashing ! Good shots as normal Mike ..... xxx

  2. Hi Mike, never seen a fungi like that one on the tree ! Mmmm interesting ! love to see Daisy having fun......great post Mike,and thank you both for the lovely comments on OSL BLOG !
    dave and chris R

  3. That fourth one down is like the purple one we saw yesterday.

    I thought is was fungi that grew on trees not toadstools up trees.

    Good shots

  4. Toadstools up trees are more intelligent than ones on the ground, they are more aloof.

    Trev, Toadstools and Mushrooms are all Fungi as well as Mould according to Sue's dictionary. Fungi feeds off Fungi as you will see tomorrow.

  5. Kendo has a lot to answer for lol. He started this off in the first place. XX