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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Old and New Technoliges CLASH !!! Part One

Hi folks

Well it's Saturday again and we that is Trevor, Charles, (one of the new lads) and myself arranged to take a trip to Riverside Gillingham to have some fun taking pictures of the local wildlife and views.

Well when I woke up it was raining but undeterred I set off to pick up Trev and go down to the river. Good job they have a cafe to retire to as it was a bit bleak to say the least

Here we are , Trev on the left who is a Cannon freak and Charles on the right for Nikon, as you can see from the start, Charles is now in control, the only trouble is that Trev has a bigger lens, and it's white.
Well the weather was pretty bad as you can see by the next shot.

Trevor seems to think that I have a better shot the him, I'm not so sure. This is one of our favourite PS, that's Power stations for the uninitiated coming out of the mist.

Right that's enough of modern kit Charles after a bit of lunch thought he would ditch his Nikon and get out his favourite toy, the PIN HOLE CAMERA. This unit was made from scratch by Charles out of and old Coke can and some bits of wood. But what a good job he made of it.

Well here it is and I kid you not, IT WORKS. On the tripod it goes, now every one stand by whilst I align  the kit, left a bit, no right that's it..

Now this is the technical bit, loading the photo sensitive paper, notice the concentration on the face.

Now his is the only bit of modern kit to be used, a light meter, boy dont you just love the hat.

Now this is the boring bit, waiting for the image to expose. No not a 30th of a second but about one and a half minutes. I dont think it would be any good in next years Olympics, still he seems happy enough.

Right that's it five pictures later and time to go back to the dark room and develop the images. You will have to wait for the outcome as this takes a while but I promise an image or two later.
Here we are, a picture of the motley crew, as you can see the mist is still there.

This is Trevor Cannon, as you can see he cant remember his name so he has it around his neck.

Last but by no means least my favourite shot of the day.....

 Good young Trev with his favourite lens the 400mm F4 lens he uses to take birds with.

Well that's it for tonight, tune in for part 2 later.

nite nite, luv Mike.XX


  1. Charles played Compo today who is wearing the silly hat next time?

  2. Well Charles had Two hats. Trev who had a cold had none, I rest my case. xx

  3. don't you start about hats, Mike.

    It was a great day out even with a silly hat. and my glasses falling to bits!

    Now off to find Charles's blog.

  4. Oh what a hoot! ... loved the pictures and the text content ..... Trevor wearing his name around his neck. ROFL !

    Priceless stuff! xxx

  5. All right, all right it is not spelt the same so calm down you two, LOL

  6. He He, lets not wind him up Eileen.

    Found out why I got tinge Trev, I altered the white balance, Doh, silly me.

  7. Well you certainly captured the day !!!

    When will we do it again ....