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Friday, 25 November 2011

Up and down Daisy.

Hi folks,

Just a small blog today as I have been out and about working.

Took these with Sues' camera on Wednesday before going to pick up Trevor. Daisy was on the Trampoline again this time at the Riverside Country Park.

This second one tickled us as she is at the lowest point and her face has distorted with the force of gravity. She looks like an old woman with no teeth. (poor Daisy we love her really)

This is one of her saying goodbye, so with that I will close, Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. The little old lady is hilarious.

  2. That centre one does make her face look old.

  3. So when does Sue receive her camera ???

    Nice shots but no indication of movement so may be one taken at a slower shutter speed would have made a nice comparison ..

  4. Lovely picture Mike ... Daisy is a real 'star'!

    BTW ... Kendo will not be giving away the fairies that he finds .... get yer own !! lol xxxx

    Every blog I go to it's mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms! Bring back the power stations! lol

  5. Whoops-a-daisy.......Isnt she lovely !
    chris and Dave R

  6. Hi Charles, Sue has already received her camera, I was just testing it out with one of my lenses.
    With regard to motion blur I did not have tine as after this she was straight onto the Wooden Dandelion then up the slide. You know what children are like you have two Grandchildren that move around very fast. I would not have got that unique expression in the centre one with a slow shutter speed. If you want motion blur I have deleted hundreds,due to slow lenses lol

  7. Charles do you think that daisy has hair lacquer on to keep her hair like that and walks on air, her feet are off the ground and hair sticking out.