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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Adventures around Upchurch

Another Tuesday with granddaughter Daisy but a dull, miserable, misty day, "oh dear".  Now, not to be outmanoeuvred by the weather we headed off with her and her new wellington boots on board to lunch at River Valley Golf Club in Upchurch.

Very nice

" I ate all my lunch"

After lunch on the way back to the car I took this of the carts and thought of Lewis Hamilton.
This made me chuckle.

Then it was off to the Barnyard next door and complete with the new blue pirate wellington boots (note this Daisy. Holly and Trevor, more pirates).  There were some donkeys first of all in their hut but they came out to see us, then there were the pigs :

Daisies Wellingtons

View across the A2, a bit murky

One enormous pig was fast asleep by the wire and took exception to being woken up by another, poking and prodding his snout..  He made such a grumble that Daisy was frightened and started to cry, Sue explained that if her mummy tried to wake her up when she was fast asleep then she would grumble and say "Go away" - "Leave me alone" etc. etc. and that this is what the pig was doing in piggy language.  Being three and a bit, she understood and all was well.

There were not many animals about, the Not Not Neddys were down on the lower farm but these adorable donkeys even posed for us.

The next stage in our walk was through the apple orchard, most had been picked but still alot to see.

Look Granddad an apple.

 What's this fruit?

What's this Granddad is Photographing? You will have to wait till the next blog to find out.

Can we go home now,,,please, I'm getting tired

Daisy  is now safely tucked up in bed so...

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I do like the photo of you and the tree Mike .. I am guessing that Sue took that with her new camera ...

  2. Yep, she sure did and a few of the others, good on her.

  3. Well done Sue.....Girl power !
    Such a lovely post Mike !! Aren't we so lucky to have such beautiful grandchildren......Your Daisy
    is such a little princess,
    chris and Dave R

  4. Sue you got to use your camera, hooray.

    Hay what's going on Daisy is looking at the camera

  5. I just love ....LOVE the Donkeys ! Super picture Mike! Lovely post and Daisy,as always, so pretty! xxxx