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Thursday, 24 November 2011

If you go down to the woods today....................

Hi folks,

Just to continue on a theme, Trev and I went to a woods near Ashford to explore the Area. It was a bit of a rush as there was not that much daylight even though the weather forecast was " wall to wall sunshine" plus by the time it was 4pm it is nearly dark. After dropping off Daisy at Nursery we headed for lunch, then off to the woods.

Hothfield Heathlands is situated on the A20 just outside Ashford on the way back to Maidstone, you cant miss it as there is a burger bar on the left hand the side of the road, turn into slip road and turn left, the car park is on the left.

Trevs blog gives a good account of our visit.

This is what I got..........................

The woods had large clearings and a lot of broken down trees and is a very large area to explore.

Needless to say we came across lots of this. The tree stumps made a breeding ground for Fungi.

 If you look a the base of the fungi in some of the shots you can see the dead remains of the last batch of life followed by the new.

This one is a good example of rotting Toadstools being consumed by the new growth.( the last one looks like a man with a large hat)

Silly trying to comment on each individual Fungi so all I really want is a Fairy and you to enjoy what we saw in this wonderful place. Trev and I have made a pact to go back for another visit.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

ps must get a book on Fungi


  1. Snap !!! We need a book on fungi too !
    Wonderful shots mike.......great post !!!
    Dave and Chris R

  2. Oh shit. That's it, I am going to have to go into South Wood at the back of my house to search fungi after this lot. Absolutely gorgeous Mike. Watch this space tomorrow. I will have to wait until the anniversary cake is delivered before I can go out. LOL

  3. Mike
    I think you are right about the book. This has turned into another seasonal hobby. But to be fair, I have never seen so many as I have this year. Good hunting, great pics


  4. Well done Mike, Loads of fungi and great shots.

  5. Now that subject deserves a colour camera ... well done Mike .. I cannot match that with a pinhole camera !!!

  6. Absolutely blooming wonderful ..... we are deff going down to see this place ....beautiful shots Mike ..... Collins are bringing out a Fungi book soon.. Ken is getting a copy as soon as it is released. We rely on the Collins Bird book guide to ID all the birds we see.

  7. Thank you all very much for your lovely comments. I ordered a book last night so did Trev.