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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Your wish is our command, Eileen!!

Hi folks,

Well work still getting in the way and as Eileen is fed up with "Mushrooms" I thought I had better console her and put up this one taken on Wednesday.

Ye old PS in all it's glory.

This is the most photographed wreck on the Medway according to Jean and I am inclined to agree. The wreck is of course the Waterloo which is opposite that Icon, the Power station on the Hoo side of the river.
I am always intrigued what is still on board.

This wreck has a very interesting hull with loads of rivets showing its' age. This close up was taken very close to the water line with the tide in. As you can see the hole in the side is oozing water and showing some rather nice rust colours as the tide comes in and out.

Last but not least is a close up of a duck, but I cheated here. Trev normally uses his long lens to capture them but I used part of the new display of animals newly erected by the path to the shoreline at Riverside,

Well as time is marching on I must quit and smarten myself up for an event tonight.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


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  2. Tomorrow will be the time to photograph about 14:00 as tide will be one of the highest in the year ... so try Edith May at Lower Halstow where the low car park is expected to flood or the Waterloo or anywhere else on the river .. Nice to see a close up !!!

  3. Lovely one of the power station.

  4. Yeah ..... Great !!! lol lol lol xx

  5. Thanks for the info Charles, I will do the Edith May tomorrow. Suspect you are tied up with the family, anyway will speak later. Hope the Waterloo stays put and does not sail off down the Medway.

  6. @ Eileen, well you wanted it and you wont give Jean any Fairy's so there. lol

  7. We like the picture of a picture of a duck !
    Had a good laugh Mike....nice post !!
    Chris and Dave R