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Monday, 28 November 2011

Edith May at High Tide

Hi folks,

Well Sunday, after we recovered from Charles' party off we all went to see the Edith May floating off her dry dock. We that is, Charles, complete with the pinhole camera, Trev, Sue, John and Ann. we all arrived  and split up taking pictures on our own before the high tide event. We all got pictures from a different perspective and angle.

I went for Telephoto, up close and personal shots.

As you can see the weather was extremely kind to us, which helps with the colours in a low Autumn sun.

Trev found, guess what, a Mushroom so I thought I would show his rear end before Eileen kicks it.

At high tide, as Trev said you could see how far up the ship it was, had to put a PS in here somewhere.

Then it came, High Tide so we all took up various positions to get a different shot. You can see the water around the land Rover on the Jetty.

The first shot the Rudder was well under water.

After a Cream tea, very yummy we disembarked to see the Rudder about a hour and a half later completely out of the water.

Shot at high tide.

Last but not least a reflection shot at high tide of the mast, I liked the weird shapes in the water.

Lots of the shots were very similar so I hope we don't duplicate too many.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite luv Mike XX


  1. OMG I was walking at the pointy end of the barge to get some good shots the other day. I would have been swimming today, er no drowning today as I cannot swim. LOL

  2. So what will the state of the tide be at 19:00 on Saturday???? Los Salvedors are playing there

  3. Super,super pictures Mike ... ROFL at Trev's rear end! Rissoles to the PS lol !!!

    I was fascinated by the picture of the mast reflection .... just loved that one Mike.... very, very good ! xxx

  4. The reflection shot is wonderful Mike !
    Nice post again Mike.....not sure about Trev's butt though lol
    chris and Dave R
    p.s. Thanks for commenting on our photo blog Mike,
    it is else seems interested !

  5. Don't worry Stephen, we had our cream tea when the high tide was in, you won't have to swim. Hope you enjoy the evening, it is a sell out.

  6. Saturday hight is 1903

    Least my butt is not as big as yours
    Hee he

  7. In relation to the rest of my body I have a very small butt thank you.

    Thanks for the Tide update, presumably Steve will get that from this blog.

    Shame I didn't get a comment on the pictures, only my "butt"

  8. Thanks to everyone else for the very nice comments.

    You got to wind Trev up haven't you. lol