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Thursday, 17 November 2011

One missed from yesterday.

Hi folks,

Well the cats out of the bag (watch out Daisy and Holly, you too Max).

I have bought Sue a new camera to complement mine. I was really for Christmas but what the heck, life's to short so she can have it tomorrow. Trev and I went to great lengths to keep it a secret but the original firm we ordered it from messed up the order so I have got it coming tomorrow from another supplier.

I'm sure she will be pleased with it, well I hope so after the disappointment over the Samsung MV 800 which had a lovely design but rubbish image quality. So "MERRY CHRISTMAS SUE" I here you cry.

Anyway back to tonight, this is one I missed from yesterday.......

Well that's it, got to do the washing up as dear Sue has been working in Bluewater all day.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. that is one hell of a picture Mike. Is he going to jump out of the water at me.

  2. Cheers Trev, told Sue see should start a blog with her new camera.

  3. I wish sue would start a blog.....I would be her first follower.......Girl power,
    great shot mike !!
    chris and dave R

  4. She can type a lot better than me.

  5. A quacking good photos ... Now you need to try pinhole with your digital camera ... It is also a lot of fun ....

  6. Mike

    Last time I got this close to a Swan was when I was fishing a couple of years ago. Damn thing got out of the water and declared war on me. Thanks for your is


  7. Yoohoo I am here Mike .... so much going on last few days .... I keep being asked to do demos and give talks etc on 'how to make cards like wot I do!' lol .... Supporting a craft day in the village in Dec with the local youth club. Also, I have started preparations to give classes,in the evenings, on the card making techniques I use in the village hall twice a month. Just as well I don't go to work !!

    Back to you lol !!! Just ADORE the Swan !! Super shot xx