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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bluewater getting ready for Christmas

Hi folks,

As you know Trevor and I went with Sue to this famous shopping centre on Saturday as Sue was working in one of the shops. After a coffee we set off to take some outside pictures around the complex which is very large. I was pleased that Trev's back was now ok and it was a wonderful bright sunny day for some photographs.

One of the many entrances into the centre from one of the car parks.
Such a lovely day to be out and about, putting Sue's camera through some hoops.
A view from the front lake area with the Christmas decorations in full swing, these are quite old and are kept somewhere else for the rest of the year. This Swan must be as old as the hills and they keep bringing it out year after year
Ah yes the famous Tree, I will go back at night before Christmas to redo the night shots which I did a few years ago. Well worth a visit at night if you can get there.
This is a new area set aside for entertainment and has a Pirates area, (keep away Daisy and Holly) with boats etc. Trev has some close ups of the Pirates to show you today.
Well it wouldn't be Christmas without the famous Reindeer, would it, this one adornes a roundabout on route to the centre.
Shouldn't really take pictures inside but loads of people were. This group where singing Gospel music and Carols from the top balcony of one of the stores. Really good they were too, put me in the right frame of mind for Christmas.
Last but by no means least a view over the balcony after the singers had finished. A great day was had by both of us and I will try to get back at night before Christmas.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Cor loved this post Mike .... Captures the flavor of Christmas very well.... and I love Bluewater ...yay ! xxx Some clever shots too!

  2. The singers came out well.
    I think we do need to see the place at night.

  3. Hi MIKE some great shots and nice architecture !
    chris and dave R

  4. I bet the Pirates there aren't as good as those we met last week as they invades Grand Cayman for the start of Pirates week. great pictures even if they help to remind us all the Christmas is on its way.


  5. Bit grey an miserable outside to day but I did see the Reindeer. Not sure which balcony you leaned over for that last photo didn't see that!

  6. Thanks for all your comments.

    # Steve top floor John Lewis I think