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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Holiday time again.

Hi folks,
With all this dull and deary weather about I hark back to America.

Didn't get out today as little legs decided to fake being ill, not wanting to eat, headaches sleepy etc. When I phoned her Dad it was decided to keep her away from Nursery she all of a sudden pepped up. Wanting to eat and dashing around like a scalded cat. That put pay to me going out after I would have delivered her to Ashford. To top it all the sun came out and I was stuck indoors till Ian picked her up as it started to get dark. I was NOT a happy bunny. so that put pay to my afternoon out.

So no pictures....well yes just a couple taken on the Keys at the Dolphin Research Centre back in May this year.

All 3 of us getting a shower before our swim with Talon, photo taken by Sue as she dont like water.

One of their display stunts, taken by me before the swim.

We had a wonderful and exciting day there and all the money went back  into the Dolphin Research Centre.

Right, that's it Daisy sure wore be out today.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Daisy knows how to get her own way then.

    Nice pictures Mike

  2. Hi Mike Dave here.

    Great having grandkids isn't it. We've got a second due next month and I spend most of my day running the family taxi at the moment. But hey, its better than working. Ncie pics, never made it to Florida

  3. Oooo I would love to go there Mike ... looks great!

    Look like your Daisy is like ours and knows how to get her own way!! lol

  4. Hi Mike,fabulous shots......would love to go !
    Chris R