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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Jeans 60th and their 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Hi folks,

Last night we attended Charles and Jeans Party and had a wonderful tine. Here's a few of last might for you to see.

 The hostess Jean

And her Husband Charles

John and Ann, guests.
And his wife Gloria

We went on holiday with these two earlier in the year and had a great time.

I think I will have a piece of cake whilst no ones looking.

And last but by not means least, the star of the party..................

The newly arrived William, Jean and Charles's grandchild just four weeks old.

Thanks for looking,

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Our very best wishes to Charles and Jean ... It looks as if everyone had a good time ...beautiful baby William.!

    BTW ... Trev will comment on William's picture being on it's side Mike ... you will be sent to the naughty corner! lol xxx

  2. Absolutely lovely photos Mike. You have a super one of Charles and you have a great one of me actually smiling! We had a fantastic time. It made up for the wedding reception we did not have 25 years ago, and more.

  3. lovely shots Mike.....I'M sure a good time was had by all !
    Chris and Dave

  4. Mike what great photos .. I knew you would get good photos and those of Jean and I the happiness of the occasion shines through ... We look forward to large image versions and then we can consider what to do with then ... May be even have canvas portraits done !!!

  5. I knew about the picture before it went up Eileen so no comment.

    It was a good evening and that is two nice pictures of both Jean and Charles.

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments.

    Can someone enlighten me about poor Williams position. I think I have lost the plot somewhere as I took it straight down from above? Any other way and he would have wind as he would be sucking air lol.

    Anyway no worries, thanks for a great evening you two.

  7. Here's where I get my own back TURN THE CAMERA SIDEWAYS LOL

  8. I looked at the picture of William and turned it portrait fashion and think it looks better. However he says he took it landscape and thinks that's the way it should go up. The jury is still out!