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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Part Two, sort of

Hi folks,

Well to continue on from yesterday, I was going to go down there again today BUT the day ran away with it's self. The plan was to go to Gillingham to look at some doors which we purchased, on the way home I was nearly involved in a head on smash with a car that was turning right across my path. Fortunately I missed him but that shook me up for the rest of the day and I just wanted to go home.

So just a couple from yesterday....

Dont ask me what this is but it looked nice.

Same shot as Trev took yesterday.

Last but not least, one of Trev taken with my new 45mm 1.8  lens the car in the background does not belong to Trev but it was just a shot to show bokeh ( blurred background to you and me).

Right. that's it

nite nite, luv Mike xx


  1. Mike its Dave

    Love the reflection from the mast in the water. Nice pics

  2. I have taken out the grass thing as mine was the same as yours.

    I think we both got away with the reflection shot.

    Keep smiling

  3. Oh. you mean the reeds??

    Yes keep smiling, the garage door has
    has broken again, it's horrible out there so yes I will.

  4. Glad you were Okay Mike... I can understand why you were shaken up ...not very nice ...

    Super picture of Trev .... he is smiling and looks younger than on his FB photo ....on FB he looks as if he has escaped from somewhere!! lol

    Love you Trev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. He's having his haircut soon so he will look like his Facebook image again. But Mr McKye will like it. lol

    We all love you Trev.