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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday again.

Hi folk's, where does the time go?

As Trev would say not much happening here, decorating the down stairs loo and doing a little bit of work.

As I mislaid Sues camera I treated her to a new point and shoot a little Samsung MV 800, well I posted it back today for a refund as the image quality was dreadful. You must have seen the advert on the telly, the one with the flip go anywhere screen, what a load of junk.

Anyway I took loads of dreadful pictures but reading Daisy's Diary about the plastic bag masquerading as a Small Eagle or Buzzard I thought I would post this taken in the Peak District. A fellow Guest in the B&B said there was an Owl in a recess in the Barn down the road. So after breakfast we went to have a look, this is what we saw.................

Sure enough it looks like an Owl at first sight but YES it's..................

A brown paper bag with a birds nest behind, see Kendo you are not the only one to be fooled

Right off to bed.
nite nite luv MikeXX.


  1. They both came back very disappointed, their suspicions were raised by it being daytime. Like Ken they had been very quiet but the "bird" never moved.

  2. Woohoo that's funny Mike.. Like you, we are amazed how fast the time goes by .... I firmly believe that it is because we are enjoying ourselves and not going to work! lol

    Yeah, I know you and Ken do work from home but it is much more relaxed to be your own boss long as the pennies come in !!

    I love making my cards and I rush the dom eng! so I can get my daily 'fix'!

    Sorry abt Sue's camera ...wot you getting her now? I would be lost without mine cos it is part of my hobby as I take the pictures of my cards with it ! lol x

  3. Yep, wot's that saying, dont time go fast when you are having fun. I dont mind the occasional work as you say it brings the pennies in. NOT having to work is the key.

    Your card are a credit to you, carry on having your "daily fix".

    It was a shame about Sues camera, wot do you use I wonder?

    We will have to set a date to meet up, as MR Scott would say " keep smiling" XXX

  4. Hi Mike, Dave here.

    Nice pics. Interesting what you said about that compact. Maybe that's why they were pushing it. My Fuji, to answer your question is as big as an DSLR. So feels nice in my oversize mits. Still very quiet as you say. Not seen any birds in the garden yet this year....except the damn pigeons.

  5. Hi Mike, Love the brown 'paper'owl ! As for not having to go to work....Its a brand new world to me.....NO stress !!
    Chris R

  6. I don't remember this but I see what you mean.

    Sun coming out here but don't feel like going out, maybe tomorrow.

  7. Poor Trev, no you wont remember as I have not posted it before. Get well soon and stay in the warm.