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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Beacon Woods

Hi folks,

As Sue was working in Bluewater Shopping Centre Trev and I decided to have a wander.  First we ventured to the Shopping Centre itself but then with the sun shining ("Yes it was") we headed off, we knew not where!

We arrived at Beacon Woods Country Park the site of an old Gun Powder factory which closed in 1920.  On entering the park we found nice Autumn leaves still around.

Still having Sues new little camera in my grubby little mits  I started to take some pictures. ( I will give it to her soon, honestly). Well she couldn't use it whilst she was working anyway.

What a nice place, we were intrigued by the layout of the park which we will return to as there is a lake as well which we did not find.

What distracted us was, guess what Kendo, yes Fungi, not a couple but loads of it. In fact Trev and I had never seem so much.

It was everywhere we looked, it must be the fact that the weather has been so dry followed by lots of rain.

This one made us chuckle, like a row of little soldiers they were.

More and more everywhere.

We got our knees muddy taking these and this last one looks like Daisy and Holly had been there thinking it was Chicken!

As it was getting late we made our way back to the car having had a good day.

This shot of the wonderful Park before we went back to Bluewater to pick up Sue.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Mmmm guess where Ken will be going today !!
    Huh! Who's present is that camera for exactly?????

    Good pictures tho so it works well lol xxxx

  2. Well we got there first.

    I got to soak test the camera for her, besides she was working. lol

    Do you think I would really buy myself a PINK camera??


  3. Stunning pics Mike. Yes i've noticed the you might realise, never seen so many or different types of 'mushrooms'


  4. What is it they say Mike 1000'a upon 1000 of not muchroom here.

    It was fun but the site I use to ID fungi is down, so I will have to find somewhere else.

  5. Very nice picture .. I guess Trevor achieved even closer shots than you did !!!