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Monday, 21 November 2011

Trip to the Edith May

Hi folks,

Well it was Sunday and the weather was nice so, where do we go?  Well this time we had the coordinates of this fine barge so cameras at the ready, off we went. The object of the day was to have tea on board then meander up the Saxon Shore Way.

What a wonderful sight greeted us on our arrival, the vessel was in tip top condition from Bow to Stern, even more spectacles were to emerge when we climbed aboard, down the steep ladder we went into the bowels of this magnificent boat.

What greeted us was a unique galley and a lovely wood burning stove, just right on a cold autumn day.

Well it was time to order our tea and a scone.

I was fascinated by this lone picture of her pinned to the beans.

 On the way to the loo was a bench with Cups she had won.

Back to my seat I could see that she was filling up with customers.

Behind us or Aft was a quaint seating area which someone had reserved for lunch.

Suitability refreshed we clambered the steep stairs to the deck and looked across the Estuary on this fine, sunny Sunday.

Off we went on our walk around Saxon Shore Way, well that's another story for another day.

To end I wanted to put this one up of her in all her glory as the sun went down as we returned to the car.

She sails in the Summer so I would like to go on a trip, weather permitting.

More info...

We had a wonderful day at Lower Halstow Dock.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Attending a concert there early December nice to see what I'm going to.

    Have you sold all your kites???

  2. No,no every time I try to get to a meeting something gets in the way. I must try harder, to much going on in my life that's the trouble.

  3. Glad you had such a good trip and took great photos ....... I hope to get back there at the earliest opportunity to take some more pinhole camera photos ....

    John and I tried to go out on her last summer but when it was booked there was no wind still always 2012 !!!

  4. Mike were you in a different country yesterday?
    We had a dreary day up here. What a lovely old ship. We spent many years at Salcombe when the kids were little. We were there every month, and we had a whole load of different boats. something I miss very much. Really nice pics


  5. Nice to see inside her Mike, only been on a walk passed her.

  6. Cor ....wot a lovely old ship looks so cosy on board ...wouldn't mind a trip in the summer myself ! We could organize an 'outing'! lol

    Thanks Mike ....super pictures and great post xxx

  7. Thanks for the nice comments, only trouble is that you would book in advance and the weather would be a key factor. Will check on prices though.