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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shopping !

Hi folks, well by now you  know it's Tuesday and that means Daisy.

Today we needed a mirror for the downstairs loo and Sue ordered one to collect from Maidstone as Chatham, Homebase was out of stock.  We went to look in Chatham, Homebase because they had one on display, loo and behold they had two on the shelf even although they didn't have any!  Saved going to Aylesford so we went to Maidstone Town Centre instead.

After picking the mirror a quick ride on the tractor was called for at the front of the store.  Due to the economic climate she is only allowed one ride in a day and this was it!

As we left the store a photo opportunity arose with Daisy and the Christmas Tree.

To continue with the Christmas theme we arrived in the Chequers Centre to marvel at the beautiful decorations.
Part of the decorations in the Centre was a Grotto with Snowmen doing winter things outside of Father Christmas's area.  She doesn't like Father Christmas and did not want to go in but he came out for a break and waved to her and surprisingly enough she waved back.  One point to Father Christmas.

Here she is looking at one of the Snowman with an Elf in the background.

After lunch we set off to look at the Toys in the shops keeping her away from the presents she was having from her Mum and Dad.

This is what she likes doing best pressing the buttons on the toys and having a dance in the aisle. As granddad's do I spoiled her and spent £6 on a George Forman toy Grill. After a look around the town, as it was starting to rain we made a bee line for the Park and Ride and home.

Daisy cooking Dinner on her new Grill. Egg, Bacon, Burger and.......................................

.................... A SAUSAGE.

Then it was time for a little bit of TV, Daisy loves Waybuloo and follows the movements.

 We had a rough and tumble and a giggle before a story and bedtime.

Having a bedtime story with Nanny.

Here we are counting, one two three.....................................

Right, that's it, off to sleep in the land of nod.

nite nite all, luv Daisy, Sue and Mike XXX


  1. The bacon was a bit stiff.
    When you put water in the Grill reservoir the "fat" drips into the little dish like the real Grill and it hisses as well. So loud that we put a double piece of sellotape over the speaker!

  2. Ian will love that toy. (he hates noise at the best of times)

  3. What a total delight this posting is Mike! I looked at all the happy, happy pictures over and over again .... Super stuff, Gorgeous Daisy and lovely nan and granddad! xx

    We bought all the noisy toys for our lot when they were little ... but found the 'Indoor Sandpit' the most popular for the child but the most annoying for the parent! lol xxx

  4. Treasured memories Mike and Sue ! A lovely post of your beautiful grandaughter, that one by the christmas tree is my favourite.......Dont you wish they stayed that age instead of growing up !
    chris and Dave R

  5. Our time with Daisy is so precious, we enjoy every minute in her company. Well, perhaps not every minute but most.