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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Quirky London Part 2

Hi folks,

well to continue with my quirky look around London, what was she commenting on...........??????????

This to the uninitiated is Boris Johnson, The London Mayor, Eileen doesn't like him as he wants to build an Airport on her house.

Apart from this he is presiding in the Arm Forces week where the flag was raised in a ceremony to start the week, I went on Monday. The event was very colourful and I only bumped into it going towards Tower Bridge.

Strike up the band.

Dignities not really taking and notice of Boris apart from the Chelsea Pensioners.

That's it blow your own trumpet.

Reflection one for Trevor.

Listening to Boris

 Can we go down the pub now sir?

Was that quirky? well no, but I had to put it in to show the pomp of London.

Back to earth I continued along the river past this shop, exterminate!

Strange, yes really strange, this is.

Head of Invention by Eduardo Paolozzi, .................. more about this in my next Quirky blog.

Thanks for dropping bye.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Oooo I enjoyed this trip with you ... shame about Boris... show us more power stations I say! Great pictures Mike .looking forward to the next post.
    E x

  2. Now I am sure that Eileen doesn't mean that Mike but her wish is our command, just joking Eileen.

    That is a quirky head laying sideways Mike but I like the bandsmen with the reflection.. More Please.

    I hope you are better today.

  3. I just love your 'quirky' posts Mike......and Eileen's requesting
    more P.S. ???????????????????
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Thanks for your very nice comments.
    Yes that head is very strange, got some info on it for Mondays blog.
    Eileen wants MORE power stations! I think you need a holiday. X