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Monday, 11 June 2012

Back to the Seaside

Hi folks,

after our Life Guard blog on Saturday I want to carry on with a few images that were taken in Whitstable on the sea front. The sun was shining off and on and it started to get nice and warm.

The sky was cloudy but in the distance was Herne Bay in a blaze of sunlight.

A prominent scene in Whitstable is the off shore wind farm which seem to cover the horizon. Some people hate then others put up with them whilst a few think they are attractive. This image shows them at an angle that looks like they are going to twist themselves together with ships slowly going across the horizon..

A groin on the beech with Lichen on the post with an abundance of pebbles around.

A few more " tangled blades"

Later in the warm evening we had a bag of chips on the front and Sue diligently put the wrappers in the bin. This Crow had other ideas and pulled the wrappers out to get his free dinner making a mess.

He looked a bit menacing as he picked up the chips and deposited them in a Bungalow gutter opposite to store and eat later.

Bit of colour to finish off with, this was on the grassy bank leading down to the sea.

Had to work today but as the weather has grotty I didn't mind, maybe nice tomorrow when Daisy comes.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Lovely post Mike....nice to see the sunshine and the 'old crow',which I sometimes get called !!!
    Fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. OOOo so good to see the sun .... love the crow... I get called worse than that Chris!!
    Great pictures as usual Mike xxx

  3. I could see the wind farm from Grain last Wednesday, a blot on the landscape.

    Being called an"old Crow" is not nice to anyone.

    Is that Crow putting a hex on you Mike he looks like it. Good job it is NOT October

  4. We instigated its' dinner so I think it was saying thank you. Fancy collecting your dinner and storing it in the gutter for later, clever that!

  5. Loved the way you angled the wind terbines, they could be dancing.

  6. Thanks folks for your input much appreciated.