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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Quick, before the rain comes!

Hi folks,

Well we have had a couple of nice days but it looks like the rain is coming back to haunt us. (To quote out intrepid Trevor) who knows about these things. Well he is always looking up in the sky anyway.

Finished my work by lunch-time so went just down the road to get a fix of birds. Not a lot about, I think they have all done their thing so to speak and are just lazing about.

View across the lake with a distinct lack of wildlife, most of the ducks were in the shade of the trees not doing a lot. See the yellow Iris on the left.

The Mallards seem to be changing colour and getting a bit scruffy.

Moorhen on the central island thinking about a dip.

Off he goes, dont they make a racket especially when there is.......

a Coot about.

Mrs Duck seemed to be chasing the male Mallards?

Gee I love reflections.

In the reeds where sprouting this very nice Flag Iris.

Not sure what this Moorhen was up to, I think he was fishing standing on a branch just above the water line. Wow what big feet you have.

Well we will have to see if the weather men and Trevor are right, I should know when I post this later tonight, yep he was right.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite luv, Mike XX


  1. No Mike I don't keep looking up at the sky!
    How to find out if it is raining.
    Open front door, push hand out. if on returning hand it is wet it is raining. If hand on returning hand it is dry it is not raining. Hee he.
    I like that Iris shot.

  2. Hi Mike, lovely shots here....I like the reflection one,
    have a good week end,
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Love the way you have been able to catch the reflection of mother duck. Must pay more attention to the wild life next time I go to Capstone.

  4. Super shots Mike .. I love the reflections one as well!
    Nice and sunny here at the moment !
    E xxx