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Monday, 18 June 2012

Walking Back up the River

Hi folks,

continuing on our Sunday afternoon jaunt we crossed the river into Watman Park.

This is the amphitheatre used for events during the summer, note the seating at the front with the stage in the centre, as you can see not a lot going on today.

This area is part of a wild meadow with these unusual hoops positioned in such a was that they look different from every angle.

The meadow is part of a Maidstone Lions project, note the wild flowers in the foreground. See the hoops have changed their shape.

Back along the river bank on our way to the car a Cheddar Pink.

We noticed another Narrow Boat with a rather nice name.

Coming back from Allington for the second time.

Could be a Hedge Woundwort but I confess I could be wrong.

Getting close to our destination, the only thing missing was the lack of wildlife due to the busy river.

Strange tree formation by the river bank looked like an arm.

This, a Greater Bladderwort was in a stream beside the river in a quite area. The stream flowed down the hill towards the river creating a freshwater pond area.

As we walked past I noticed this Moorhen out the corner of my eye quite close and quickly snapped him, I was attracted by his call which I heard at Capstone Park when one was having a fight with a Coot.

See I am trying to learn about this wildlife and also wild flowers which I find as confusing as birds

Hope you liked the return trip.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I love the tree.

    That flower looks like a Flag Iris but it is not as tall.

  2. Hi yer, as I said it's as bad as birds. Checked in a book and I think right

    1. Oh you may not be wrong but it is short for an Iris.

  3. Your river trip was interesting, it's good to learn something new every day, it keeps the little grey cells active. more river trips please.

  4. Liked it ? I loved it Mike......fabulous shots and I loved the' cheddar pink'!
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Hi Mike
    Birds are far less confusing than wild flowers, after all there are around 570 species of bird on the British list but over 2300 species of wild flower! i know which ones I'd rather try and learn by heart.

  6. This is another super post , Mike. Thanks for thr 'stroll'! ..... Adore the 'his and hers ' boat !!!