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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Moat Park Kite Festival. 2

Hi folks,

back to the kites which I thoroughly enjoyed as I had been away from it for a while with sinus problems. With a clean bill of health till check up at Christmas time to get involved with the club a bit more.

Stork doing it's flypast

Wonderful design (could you comment on the design Mike P)

Splendid Rokkaku with it's lovely colours.

Another variation on a box kite

Another soft kite see the air is funnelled through it's body.

Club Deltas giving a great show at the end.

With there long tails.

And last but by no means least most of the club flying in the closing stages.

Thanks for looking I had a great time being back on the flying field again.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. It was great to see you back Mike. The large diamond kite is a Premier Kites Brogden Diamond "Orbit" Designed by the Hespeler brothers German kite designers. Its a striking kite but with loads of spars and straining lines takes an absolute age to put together. The Stork by the way is a Turkish design, home made from plans found on the internet. I must thank my wife for 100hrs of sewing without which the Stork would not have been born. Incidentally within two weeks of finishing the Stork my daughter announced she was pregnant. So perhaps Storks do bring babies!
    Mike P

    1. Thanks, Mike, it's comments like this that make a blog so worth while.

  2. Hi Mike, a fabulous post once again ! My favourite is the 'ROKKAKU' !!
    It must have been an amazing display, seeing them all, together in the sky !!
    Brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. This is hard to choose as the last one with the clouds is great but it is close with the stork.

  4. Kites are certainly an amazing sight, not the little diamond shapes that you see small children running down the field against the wind with the kite falling on the ground. There are so many clever people who design and make the different designs and put those lovely colours together. xx

  5. The large box kite under Mikes Brogden Diamond is a Solaris extreme over 2metres long and over 1metre wide. I must admit I was glad I bought it

  6. So impressive and colourful ... super Kites and super post Mike !
    E xx