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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Lifeguards in the Making

Hi again folks,

today we went with a group of friends to Whitstable for lunch with mutual friends who had moved there some time ago.  Very nice it was and a good time was had by all.  As it was before 5pm and a lovely sunny afternoon/evening Sue and I went to the beach with our friend Adrianne for a bit of exercise.

We weren't alone as the Royal National Lifeboat Institutes' Lifeguards were also doing exercises of a different sort.

There were about 20 trainees and six instructors in the water.

They had a very nice hut on the seafront.

They were towing each other onto the shore with lines simulating a rescue.

The instructor on the surf board  was keeping an eye on them.

They had numerous exercises to attempt and were kept very busy in and out of the water several times whilst we were there.

Instructor going out to set up a new task.

Being towed to the beach after attaching buoyancy hoop.

Instructors keeping eye on the rescue. 

This chap seemed to be running the event.

They used hoops to give them buoyancy.

Once at the beach they checked for breathing before carrying survivor onto the beach.

Then they laid out "the victim" to check over before the rescue was complete.

The exercises were very enlightening and there training was very hard. They spent a lot of time running up the beach with bare feet on the pebbles which must have been uncomfortable to say the least. It was very reassuring to see this team and nice to know that the are keeping us safe on our beaches.

Makes you think what they do and to support them when we can.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I first looked at this on my phone but that did not do justice to the pictures Mike!

    Well done as it beat me playing (still) with the central heating.

  2. Good post Mike ... very interesting and great pictures. Good to know that people are willing to get involved in something so worthwhile and of course,necessary to keep our beaches safe. Thanks for sharing this
    Eileen xx.

  3. It's reassuring to know that there are people still willing to volunteer.Lovely photos.

  4. Brilliant pictures Mike, and a big thank you to you both for a really fantastic day yesterday. The chips were great.
    The lifeguards were very dedicated and obviously were working hard but also enjoying themselves
    See you soon
    Adrianne. (Adie)