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Friday, 8 June 2012

Back to London

Hi folks,

owing to the state of the weather I thought I would continue with my London theme as the sun is shining in these pictures and it could make you smile a bit.

This was taken in the week leading up to the Jubilee River Pageant, a very different picture to what was about to unfold!  We were walking along the river path leading to the Tower of London, you can walk all the way along until just before the Tower when you have to do a detour because they have demolished a building and are in the process of rebuilding.
A little note on this, I think they have pulled down the shipping companies office block where my father worked until he retired in the late 1970's.

Under the Bridge.


Now for something completely different...................

Sue as a young girl.  As you can see this was taken in 1951 and is special, if you pull the tag under the word  "Brighton" the picture can be removed revealing the negative, which is in quite good condition given it's age.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Yes ...a great post for a gloomy day ! Sue looks so sweet in that picture ... still the same ! xxxxx

  2. well as you say a lot different to last weekend.

    Driven over the bridge 100's of times never felt the need to stop as there is a 20mph on the bridge.

    The Photo is as you say good for it's age. Now you have it scanned maybe Sue can put it into PS. How is Sue?

    No, I am notputting one of me up!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful shots Mike......and Sue has'nt changed a bit !
    Such a lovely picture of her.....
    chris richards

  4. Amazing how quiet the river looks after the pageant, and how much better the weather is.Lovely picture of Sue,