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Friday, 29 June 2012

The Quirky Side of London

Hi again folks,

On Monday I had my usual jaunt to London, this has happened every month for about six months and I have put up the usual shots associated with my long walks around London, i.e. Tower Bridge London Eye etc. This time I thought about more unusual shots, enjoy.

At first you think it is only a postcard but it you look closely you will see the rack it's standing in.

This is Hays Galleria, an eating area by the river. This really strange Sculpture is called the Navigators by David Kemp with figures steering it along the water.

This must be the Admiral of the fleet with that hat.

and this one must be the Captain with his beard.

The rear of the Belfast, ok you think. See the man on the deck, he is fast asleep. (you can see more if you click on the image). he is honest, I stood there for 5 minutes and he did not move.

Old and the new. Old Barge tie ring in the river wall with a modern chain.

This mask made of wire is at the entrance to the Old Operating Theatre by London Bridge station. This a museum of old operating equipment used in bygone ages.

At Boris's Gaff there is a Sculpture of a egg and this chap was having fun hiding behind it.

More sculptures this one is called " London's Calling" I thought they where old Telephone boxes but they where plastic mock ups, shame.

I think these are for the Olympics, see City hall and the Shard behind.

What's going on at City Hall this young lady is introducing .....................?

you will find out later in the next Quirky blog of London.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Fabulous Tour Mike and all your shots are AWESOME
    Thanks Mike
    chris richards

  2. Thats what I call quirly. The museum looks interesting.

  3. Love the wire mask Mike ... super pictures and very interesting ... keep 'em coming .. going back up for another look !
    Eileen xxx