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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Bredhurst Horses.

Hi folks,

bit blowy out there today but going out later. Yesterday I was doing that four letter work again to try to earn a few sheckles for a holiday later in the year.

I took these a couple of weeks ago and a local BBQ, they where in the next field and quite a long way away.

A few Primroses taken in a garden to brighten your day.

No I did not go out as I was feeling a bit poorly

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. The first is the best Mike, well done
    Get better soon

  2. Hi Mike, I like the 'UNICORN' in the middle.....his ear looks like a horn, if you glance quickly ! So sorry you're not feeling too good.....put your feet up and have a nice lazy Sunday....All the best,
    Chris and Dave Richards

  3. sorry to hear you are feeling poorly. the photos have cheered me up.

  4. Are you poorly mike? Get better soon xxx I'm well sorted with this post cos I love horses and primroses! ... great stuff
    E xx

  5. Thanks for all your nice comments, yes Eileen and Chris I had pains from the sinus yesterday and was a bit down as after all the treatment. Oh well such is life, going to Guys in a week so will see what happens. Thanks for all your concerns.

    Good news is that this morning I was out in Maidstone and it had subsided, fingers crossed.