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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Daisy back again.

Hi folks,

great news we have Daisy back again after her bout with Chicken "Pops" as she calls it. Still a few marks but the worst is over.

Biscuit anyone?

As the weather was naff yet again we had to entertain her indoors, this is not that hard as she has loads of toys here to play with. Note they are all eating except for Rudolf who looks like he has had too much to drink. (He should have really been put away till next Christmas) but Daisy likes him, when you press it's paw it sings, guess what?

Daisy set about doing some cooking.

Toys all lined up for a photograph, all smile please.

Daisy was a bit tired after her entertaining so had a lay down on the Sofa with Fluffy, her bedtime animal.

After a while she was up and ready to have lunch and go to see Auntie June, amazing what 40 winks will do.

Sorry it's a bit short tonight.

Really pleased with my Metz flash gun it blew the shadows away quite well.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike with Daisy and Sue, XX


  1. In the first picture it wasn't even a plastic chocolate biscuit, it was a plastic beef burger!

    We had just been given the gold and silver paper plates for her so the animals get proper Silver Service now and she just loves them. They were greeted with a Wow, thank you.

  2. Ooo glad all the 'pops' are gone ... beautiful pictures of a beautiful Daisy.
    Silver service! Love that Sue!
    What is Rudolph singing ....MMMMM ...lets see.... "Singing in the Rain" I bet!
    Can't be nuffin else lol

  3. I am glad she is better, tell her I can now tickle her knee's

    No rain yet today

  4. Well I'd have loved to come to the royal tea party with princess Daisy,
    The hostess with the mostest !!
    So Glad all them nasty 'POPS' are gone !!!
    Great shots Mike.....
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Lovely to see Daisy back to her usual happy self Had a really lovely morning playing with her.

  6. Hi Sue, thank you for visiting my blog.....I shall hopefully be posting my next mandala tomorrow.....the stitch is buttonhole wheels and I am very happy with this next one !
    chris richards

  7. Thanks all for you lovely comments..