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Monday, 11 June 2012

Snapshot of the Dickens Festival

Hi folks,

well the day started off dry so we thought we would do the Dickens. As a member of the Lions Club I never did see it properly as I was normally working on the Bacon Butty stall in the Moat.

First I bumped into old Fagin, who looked as usual, he never seems to change from one year to the next. but is always a very likeable character.

# The parade was lead by a piped band as usual.

Followed closely by the drunken Sailors.

Dont remember this chap before with all his chains.

# Bring on the Edwardian girls.

Away from the parade, folks take a lot of effort to look the part.

It is very difficult to get these lovely ladies without distraction. I thought this was a good shot until I noticed the girl eating a Burger.

This one really made me laugh, all in period costume and the girl in the middle sucking a cornet.

A favourite of mine is the Town crier on the steps of the Cathedral. He always had a story to tell after his proclamations.

This lot made me laugh in there bloomers.

1998 Parade winner, come to think of it that's 14 years ago. She loved the white Roses so after talking to her I took this with them in the background.

Finally., I took this of the Edith May coming in to the quay. She was doing trips up and down the river, it was great to see her again.

We strolled back into the Castle Gardens and it started to rain, such a shame after all the work that went into the Festival. With that we made our way back to the car after having a GREAT day in Rochester, well worth the effort.

Notice the # is a couple of the pictures, Sue had a go bless her.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. A very good Dickens Festival this year, there seemed certainly more in costume. The Bacon Roll and Scone with Jam was very yummy, glad the weather held.

  2. OMG That was a fabulous day out for me.......I sat and relaxed and watched all the fun LOL ! Thanks Mike and Sue for a lovely day out.....wonderful shots from you both !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. I think the Town Crier is the best
    I have not been there ever as I hate crowds (that goes for most places). But I do enjoyed the pictures Mike / Sue.

    You must be better now Sue, good

  4. Glad you had a good time amd the weather was kind to you. At least I didn't have to come and rescue you. like at the sweeps festival. Good idea both of you taking photos from opposite sides of the road.

  5. Fantastic Mike and Sue .... I really loved this post with super super pictures ... I wondered if the 'Chain' man was a take on Magwitch from Great Expectations as he was a convict but it was a bit OTT for that character so maybe not !
    E xx

  6. Mike that's more coverage of the Edith May than the BBC gave her at the Jubilee River Pageant and she the Flag ship of the Historic boat Society this year!!

  7. I forgot to say Mike the man in chains! The Ghost of Jacob Marley from State One of A Christmas Carol.

    1. Thanks for that Steve. Should be at Moat Park.

  8. Thanks again for all your lovely comments.