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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chinese New Year, the Show.

Hi folks,

after our lunch the crowd dispersed and we enjoyed our lunch Chinese style, then killed a bit of time with some retail therapy. It was then time to go to the Chatham Theater to watch the show. We queued for our tickets and entered and  immediately saw sighs saying " NO VIDEO AND NO PHOTOGRAPHY, my heart sank as I though that there might be a slim chance to get some shots but no. I went to my seat and thought , it's worth a chance, go and ask. Well to my delight as it was a private performance with no copyright to worry about I was given permission along with the rest of the audience.
The lighting was very low during the performance but I managed from the forth row back in the balcony (not the ideal place) to get these.

Martial arts demonstration.

This is under Tungsten lights at the end of there performance

Spectacular Dragon display.

This was a Chinese Lion and his act consisted of jumping about and..................

climbing a pole into the lighting gantry, a great performance.

The end of the show and a wonderful performance too.

One way to take a Dragon home, after the show.

Street lamp adorned with a Dragon or should it have been a SNAKE!

Well thats the end of the Chinese New Year, thanks for tagging along.

Best regards Mike  (and my little helper, Sue). X


  1. Great series Mike. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the entertainment,the show looked great, very colourful, beautiful costumes. next year hope to be fit to tag along, Mrs Egg.

  3. Thanks Mike ... great posts ... loved it all. Great that they let everyone take the pictures xxx

  4. A wonderful display Mike......brightens my day !
    I'm on the mend now, thank god.......
    Also Happy Birthday to a special lady
    to you
    Happy Birthday
    to you
    Chris and Dave R