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Friday, 8 February 2013

Final Stop Off in London

Hi folks,

Finally it was time to depart from London and all in all ended up on a happy note that I had been released from hospital and after a very enjoyable day and a few beers we headed to the train and home.

Just before we end our journey a few evening shots.

Starting with the outside of Southwark Cathedral, yes I know it should have been taken in twilight but we had been in the pub having a good time.

As we walked around the side looking up at its' tower bathed in light.

View of the buttress and the windows in the top the roof.

We were very lucky to get in the Cathedral as the doors were about to be closed but I had a quick few moments to get this before the doors were locked.

Very pleased with our day as we headed back to the station which as you probably know is below the Shard which I have seen grow and grow on my many visits to Guys Hospital.
Outside is a pillar which I mounted a small tripod and took this shot at a slow shutter speed showing commuters in a blurred state rushing home giving the image a sense of urgency.

Over to the escalator up to the platform I did the same but at a high ISO and a fast shutter speed. You can clearly see the treads of the escalator sharp and the commuters being slowly taken up.

In the shot below the escalator is blurred and the commuters in a "rushed " state. This was achieved with a slow shutter like you would get in a waterfall moody shot. (hope I am not boring anybody).

Lastly and finally the Shard lit up at night whilst we stood waiting for the train home.

For the technically minded the last image was taken at 1/40th and at F 2.8, ISO 3200, handheld, and raw image which means the camera did not process the image it was then then processed at home on the computer using a programme to  "develop" it. Doing this brings out more detail.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the blog and please leave a comment if you can.

Goodnight, Mike


  1. A very 'informative' post Mike.......
    Love how you've 'played'with the images!
    Great stuff......
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks Chris, I am getting known on Google, Sue was looking for something on Leeds Castle and my images popped up.
      Hope Dave is now better. XX

  2. Clever slow shutter speed shots ... Ken does that with waterfalls ... Not keen on the results I must say :( I like my waterfalls natural... But he likes it and they are his pictures lol xxxxx

    1. Me too Eileen, you have the same taste as me, great minds think alike. xx

  3. What software do you use to process your raw images Mike.

  4. Great photos of london skyline at night, love the escalators. bit hairy in the rush hour.