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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

HMS Belfast 2

Hi folks,
to conclude our trip around the  ship, I planted Sue in the Galley and toured the rest of the ship on my own as there where quite a few stairs to climb, I left Sue with a cup of tea and continued on my journey.

Being a radio ham I climbed to the top of the ship to inspect the bridge and find the radio room. On the bridge you could see the Ariel array behind and reaching up into the sky.

Looking down river was a smashing view of of the Civic Hll and Tower Bridge

Here we have the Captains chair with amazing views up the Thames.

Close up of the ships compass.

Looking out of the bridge you can see London Bridge in the distance over the guns.

The ship gave wonderful views of the surrounding area including the Shard above London Bridge Station with the Hayes Galleries in the foreground.

Looking down I spied the 40 mm Bofors anti aircraft guns standing out from the side of the ship.

Then I found it, GB2RN, this radio room is sometimes used and run by volunteers of the Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society.

Down to the next lower deck I found the Bakery which also produced bread for other ships near by.

This tickled me with all the manikins dressed up performing an operation, I recon the Anesthetist is Trev after he has done his chores as a Shipwright.

Working my way back to the Galley to meet Sue I spied this shell arming device.

Finally we left the ship to continue our day as we passed this weather beaten plaque on the deck.

Thanks for coming on our brief trip around HMS Belfast.

Goodnight, Mike and Sue


  1. Gawd, that Trev gets everywhere!
    Cannot wait to see the 'new' Trev! Wot's he been up too!
    Super pictures Mike and I LOVE that radio room!
    E xx

  2. Yeh, brilliant Mike.....Such great shots !
    I went to see 'Mr Pastry' at the 'Coventry Hippodrome'
    in 196?....I was ten years old.......How old is Trev ?
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Chris you are showing your age... LOL

    I like the WT office as that is what I worked in while I was at Chatham.

  4. PS
    See all of those B40 lined up a great bit of equipment