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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

HMS Belfast

Hi folks,
as some of you may well know I had to visit Guy's in London for my all clear after my prolonged sinus problems. So as not to waste a day we, that is Sue and I thought that it would be nice to visit HMS Belfast as it was now open for the season and have a look around.

She looks very good after a repaint with the Tower of London behind.

On the Quarterdeck you get a very good view of Tower Bridge.

Her ships bell all clean and sparkling in the sunshine.

A plaque showing her many conflicts, 

Inside are various exhibits, one of which is the shipwrights with a realistic manikin working away. 

Next is the Chapel with a font made from an upside bell.

Out on deck and up the bow is a very large anchor with its large chains.

Looking back from the Anchor towards her large 6 inch forward guns which are trained on Scratchwood and if fired would hit the Services 14 miles away, they are that powerful.

Another view of the forward guns showing there elevation.

Inside the forward gun turret, this is the first and only image taken with the camera's onboard flash.

Guns again pointing skyward.

That's the first part with more to come, thanks for taking the time to look.

Goodnight, Mike and Sue


  1. Thanks for reminding me of our days out with the grandchildren, Ron and I took them several times never got tried ,so much too see and do, glad it wasn't raining.

  2. Super, fascinating stuff Mike !
    A lovely guided tour, right here in my living room,
    Chris and Dave R

  3. I enjoyed all that Mike ... the 'old geezer' looks like Mr Pastry!who in turn looks a bit like Trev!!! lol
    Best keep my head down now !
    E xx

    1. You are probably safe Eileen, it was a really good tour around the ship, so much to see. I liked the fact that an upside down bell was used as a font.

    2. Come to think of it, it does look a bit like Trev. Lol

  4. Well Mike I have caught up tonight, I love the Belfast but the only ship like her I have ever been on was the Swiftsure in Chatham.

    The chap waving his arm holding a kite reminds me of Elwyn as he look a lot like him, quite a shock coz he could have been his brother.

    I think TM wants knee capping for her remark, but to be fair she hasn't seen the new me YET.

    A good set of picture, all of them.