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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kite Flying as Walmer, Kent

Hi folks,

Well it's me back again after a really cold day flying kites with the Kent Kite Flyers in Walmer, to be honest with you I think we were all mad to go out in the cold wind today but hey ho we are all mad but happy.
Don't all shout at once but yes that's me on the mound in Walmer helping Len to get his Red Barron to fly with Janet, far left looking on. Before this we had a bit if a tangle in the very blustery winds and ended up nearly in the sea with two kites. (Sue took this Shot) in the car, what a sensible girl.

See the pale blue sky, well that's the last you will see of it on this blog tonight.

Right all pay attention I will say this only once, this is a lifter. It's sole purpose is to sit at the top of the line so that other kites and line junk can be attached to the line.

This is lovely line "junk" that's just a term for inflatables, see how they are hung from the main line.

All these where supplied by Jackie another kite nut from abroad who is visiting our country and going on to other venues with her Kites. The Chap next to her is Peter who is looking after her.

I think this is one of Jackie's Ducks further up the line, Quack Quack!.

And of course Tweety Pie.

A doughnut also on the main line, get the idea?  it revolves by the wind.

Next on the ground is a Janet Ladybird, this sits on the ground held in place by a stake. Now Janet is the star of the event, she is such a lovely lady she goes home and brings us back loads of hot food and cakes to eat whilst flying. I will refrain from putting her picture on here as she will get embarrassed, bless her.

This nice bloke is Gareth who was about to poke his tongue out, he is the President of the club.

Barbara another member's small Cody took to the air, well sort off.

followed by her other half Mike's offering.

Len and Bill trying to fly what looks like a white sheet, we all looked at each other and said, why  a white kite with all that mud on the ground?

Bill after he had given up with his white kite. He folded it up and it looked like he was cuddling a baby, well perhaps it was Bill's baby.

This is Barrie, Janet's other half, not quite sure why he is holding a cup and a kite line.

One of our Guests kite, a large Cody which is a man lifting kite.

Lastly Bill got a two line kite into the air for his daily fix.

Sorry all the picture did not have blue skies, it was like that, honest.

Phew, wot a long blog, I hope you enjoyed our trip to Walmer.

Off for a cold beer after all that, thanks for looking.

Nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Oh! Lovely kites,they are wonderful. Hope you and Sue had a great day in Walmer.
    Good luck tomorrow.

  2. Great post Mike ... I always love your 'kite' blogs ... So colourful and interesting. Pleased you had a good time

  3. Great Post Mike......I love your kites too......
    They put a little colour into our dreary winter days !!!
    Thank you......
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Sorry I wasn't there Mike i was invited out to lunch {never turn down a free lunch} in Faversham then I was playing with a Jazz trio at The Old Wine Vaults in Faversham so it seemed a bit silly to drive all that way for and hour. Nice photos though

  5. Thanks for all your comments. The good news is that I have been released.from hospital re my sinus. Yippee