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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Year of the Snake 2

Hi folks,

a few more from our trip to Chatham and the year of the Snake.

Enter the Dragon

Our good friend Margaret getting in on the act to have her photo taken.

until she upset the Dragon, look at the expression on her face. (no, not the big red bottom)

This little girl was not to sure either, she was a bit frightened.

Imagine her surprise as the rear end of the Dragon came up for air.

Then the Master came along to keep the Dragon in order.

Saying hello to two Chinese girls.

Across the way in the car park the Marshal Arts team were limbering up for a demonstration.

Nice to see the girls getting in on the act.

The actual event is Sunday next when the main parade goes through the High Street.

Thanks for looking.

Best  regards Mike.X


  1. Thanks for my 5 seconds of fame.
    mrs good egg

    1. You do realise that Michael usually gets around 100 views a day and as there are two pictures of you I recon that could add up to your 15 minutes of fame.

  2. Glorious technicolor and oriental gaiety....what fun
    Mike ! Looking forward to the 'Sunday event' shots......
    Chris and Dave R

  3. This is what that FB message was about Mike. I can only view my stuff unless I am connected to the I/net and I wasn't.

    Very colourful

  4. What fun pictures Mike ...Everyone looked so happy! (almost everyone)!
    Super pictures and great colours. looking forward to seeing more on Sunday parade... I'm off to the Coventry area (Martin's)on Sunday so Ken and the girls will be fending for

  5. I hope that Daisy and Holly like fish and chips then Mike.