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Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Day Out with Thomas

Hi folks, well I am back again after a load of work we managed to get out on Saturday and go to Tenterden and have a look at the trains running.  Being lucky Thomas was having a theme day as well, it was a ticketed event so we stayed outside the station and took these with a telephoto lens.

After a while he arrived at the station.

Thomas was going up and down the platform pulling Annie and Clarabel behind, giving rides for the children, they where having so much fun. I took this next one at a different angle under the buffers.

The Station Master was keeping an eye on the proceedings

And the Fat Controller wasn't too happy either.

Charlie the Clown was putting on an act for the children and playing about.

Then he lost his temper and threw the luggage on the rails in front Frank the Diesel which had actually stopped.

He then started to make fun of the Station Master.

He was then escorted away to "jail".

Unfortunately they did not have a jail at the station so off to the toilet he went as it had bars.

At the end of the proceedings, a good laugh was had by all, the train arrived from Northiam for it's next journey down the track with lots of youngsters and grown ups on board.

Lastly on the way home, approaching the North Downs I stopped to take this as the sun was setting on a wonderful day out,

Thanks for joining the trip out.

Best regards Mike


  1. Great but where was Daisy?

    A nice warm day out

  2. Oooo such fun Mike .. lovely gentle post, great story and lovely pictures .. glad your are back ! xxx

  3. And thanks for having me was such a great day out !
    Nice to have you back !!
    Loving the last shot too.....
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and the wonderful sunset.

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