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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Spring is in the Air.

Hi folks,

well what a hectic few days with the granddaughter staying but would not miss  it for the world.

Today was her last day and we had planned a trip to Leeds Castle in conjunction with her return as her dad was picking here up from the castle. It was cold and damp but we set of in Winnie (the camper van) with a packed lunch. After our lunch we entered the grounds and it was very quiet with hardly any one about and made our way to the lake, a favourite spot for wildfowl.

First off we spotted a Tufted Duck.

With it's companion bringing up the rear, it looks like it might be the start of spring!!

Loads of Coots about but no fighting, they seemed to be very sedate.

Quite a few White Mute Swans also, not that common at the Castle as it is renowned for Black Swans.

A view towards the Castle and the waterfall in the mist, a lot of activity on the lake.

A pair of Whopper Swans also pairing up.

Closeup of the Whoppers face which is different from the Bewick Swan which has a black part continuing up it's bill to the feathers by the eyes with yellow to the sides.

A pair of Graylag Geese having a domestic.

Finally to finish tonight a Black Leeds Castle Swan.

Thanks for looking, maybe a few more tomorrow.

Best regards Mike.


  1. Oh lovely creatures !
    I've never seen swans with 'yellow' on there to me !!
    Great reflections again Mike....
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Great post and pictures Mike... pleased you are out and about with 'Winnie'
    My day starts with a look at your blog. Lovely stuff!
    E xx

  3. Thanks you two for your lovely comments. XXX