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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Out and About

Hi folks,

today as  work day and time to earn a few sheckles so no go with the camera but I did manage to get a few the other day whilst in Maidstone.

Tree by All Saints Church.

New Sculptures fitted to the walls, well new to me in the Royal Star Arcade shame about the light units actually fitted to the Sculptures.

Path leading to the Church from the river.

Ivy in the sunshine to finish off with.

Thanks for looking,

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. The UK is so beautiful......someday....maybe.....

    1. Thanks for your valued comments Vickie, hope you liked the church, I thought of you two as I took the pictures. Hope all is going to plan in the States and you are soon settled in your new home.
      Yes the UK is beautiful most of the time but to get the green you have to have rain. We love the States and hope to get back possibly next year as there is a lot going on for Sue and I this year. Glad you found James, what a character, anyway take care and best wishes with the new home. X

  2. Yes,Vickie is so right... the UK is a beautiful place... The Scottish Highlands in particular are magnificent!
    Mike does us proud with his fabulous Pictures ! The USA looks a stunning country too!
    E xx

  3. Is the first shot a 'Stag' Mike ?
    Weird looking sculptures.......Love the tree !
    Chris and Dave R