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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Chatham's Chinese New Year Parade

Hi folks,

Last week was the official bringing in of the Year of the Snake for the Chinese people and we went to Chatham last week to check out the preparations as you know by the blog before last. This week some of the performers came to our town to do it all over again and also put on a show at the Central Theatre in the High Street. We booked our tickets on line and went to the town early to see what was going on before the parade. As you can see the town put on a shown with Lanterns outside the Restaurants.

We arrived in the centre of the town about an hour before the parade and met little Marianna from the Dance Alley Group and with her mums permission took a few shots whilst she posed.

A few minutes later more of the group turned up to get in on the act and was I lucky to get this.

This chap in full costume with beautiful pearls in the headdress.

The chap on the right in red was organizing the event and by the time the parade started he had them all sorted, quite a task as you will see later.

Group shots were very difficult due to the amount of onlookers and passersby getting in the shot but this is street photography and I love it when I get the chance.

Close up of the costume, really beautiful work Chris, don't you think?.

The first of many Dragons in the parade.

Getting all in line for the parade and the High Street was getting very busy.

I hope you liked the first of a few taken of this event, it gets better as the week goes one.
Thanks for looking.

Best regards Mike


  1. I do think Mike.......stunning costumes in glorious colours !
    Ahhhh but its the photographer that captures the atmosphere and makes us believe that we are there........
    Well done you !!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Thanks Mike for this post ... I'm going to enjoy my week 'at the parade'!
    Beautiful colours and happy people. Smashing shots and my fave is ...... the chappie in yellow with the pearls in his headdress... stunning photo...
    E xx (Coventry - day 1 wiv the 'ankle biters')