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Monday, 11 February 2013

The Year of the Snake

Hi folks,
We went to Chatham in Kent last Saturday for a preview of the upcoming celebrations for next Sunday with the start of the Chinese New Year.

This lady was giving out leaflets for the event.

This young man makes Dragon Puppets and guess what, I got one for Daisy, my Granddaughter.

Outside the Chinese restaurant food was being prepared for the visitors.

Yummy, spring rolls and Prawn toast, it looked so nice that we went inside in the warm and had a meal.

Demonstration by young dancers in the car park opposite.

Lovely outfits shame about the background.

This chap wasn't interested in Chinese food, only his lolly. (mums permission for photo agreed)

More to follow, thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. He maybe still there, licking that lolly. Display was so colourful, hoping the weather is fine for the actual parade.

  2. Such colourful, yummy stuff Mike !
    Nice post ...
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Ken and I, along with Karen and Miffy, went down to Chatham to see the celebrations a couple of years ago ... super colours everywhere and the dancing was superb.
    The background you pointed out in your post...was much the same!!
    E xx

    1. Hi Eileen, yes such a shame, you would think the council would be trying to promote Chatham with all those empty shops.XX

  4. I agree with you Michael, You would think that Medway council would try to improve the image of Chatham, it continues to deteriorate. however, your photos cheer me up. Thanks.