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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Walk about London

Hi folks,
just a few more for my trip to London after we left HMS Beldast.

Seems a pecular sight on the Thames these days.

This strange building by the Thames is nicknamed the "Walkie Talkie" another London building on a crowded skyline. The building is at 29 Fenchurch Street and will cost £200 million and be finished in 2014

In contrast the Tower of London with Traitors Gate in the foreground.

More new buildings, with the "Scoop" in the foreground.

To finish the Shard which at nearly, £30 to go up each we declined.

thanks for looking, drop in again soon.

Good Night, Mike


  1. just love to wander around London with you and Sue.. interesting stuff and great pictures.
    £30 quid!!!! glad you said 'on yer bike' to that !
    E xx

  2. That building looks like it is behind Somerset House, Mike

  3. Plenty to see in London Mike......
    Glad you've got the all clear !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. What a shame that someone thought to build that Walkie Talkie building behind that lovely old building. London will be like New York soon with all those modern high buildings.