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Saturday, 9 February 2013

St John's Church, Higham, Kent

Hi folks,

A day off and a trip to Higham to visit the Parish Church of St John's.  This was the only spot where I could photograph the whole thing, unfortunately the tree had grown a bit, maybe it had been planted in 1861 like the church.

The day was very cold but the sky was blue so it was on my side.

A really lovely church building with a nice spire.

The stained glass window in The Lady Chapel shows Mary's joy and sorrow, first the joy of the birth of a son and secondly the sorrow of receiving his dead body into her arms.

Below is the Paschal (Easter) Candle. We always look for the little Guide Leaflets that are available in churches they say so much about what you are looking at and feel it only right to put some money in the Wall Safe to say "thank you".  From this Sue read that a little candle is lit from the Paschal Candle at baptisms and given to the newly baptised as a gift.

Below is a shrine to Our Lady of Walsingham  and St John's organises an annual week-end pilgrimage to Norfolk where the actual shrine resides.

I hope you like the candles, I thought the setting added to the peacefulness of the Church and maybe my followers would enjoy them too.

This is the pillar with the Virgin Mary and Jesus and is in between the High Altar, whose windows you can partly see and the Lady Chapel.

This an important man, St. John himself, the lighting was not good here but I could not finish without showing him.

Thanks for looking, I will continue with the other Church in the Parish that is unfortunately closed but has a good story have a look tomorrow.

Good night, Mike


  1. Loved this post mike .. I like the fact you add the details about the Churches you visit.
    Looking forward to the next one... Our Church in Allhallows is very,very old! Bit like me!! lol

    1. Your not old just mature like me.
      Right, re your "old" church, information re opening times please. Thanks for your lovely comments. You will love the next one then full of scandle, lust and naughty Nuns, yes really. XXX

  2. Nice Mike. What exposure did you use for the candles. Obviously low f stop. But what shutter speed and iso?

    1. Glad you like it, F 2.8 200 ISO, 1,250 sec.

  3. You have some good pictures taken inside this one Mike.

    Eileen, you are not ready for the walking stick yet unlike OTL..Hee he

  4. Thanks Trev, was going to fly kites today but that's been scuppered.
    Yes poor OTL.

  5. Sorry to read that the weather stopped you kite flying. lovely photos of the church, I loved the stained glass windows, and the statues. Look forward to more photos of churches,

  6. Sensational post Mike,love the peacefulness and serenity !
    Great shots and info.........Dave's ears pricked up at the mention of 'naughty nuns'!!! Cant wait .............
    By the way, have given my blog a face lift and now have a
    'favourite' blogs list and yours is on it........
    Happy Sunday Mike and Sue !!!
    Chris and Dave R