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Monday, 3 October 2011

Dungeness, the final chapter

Hi folks,

Well a funny thing happened to the blog last night, it threw a wobbler and would not let me post any more images, so here's the final bit.

Started at the end as I wanted this one to display how tranquil Dungeness is as the sun goes down.

You may have noticed the railway line in a few of yesterdays blog, well low and behold I found what was supposed to be running on it, lovely rusty old bogey they used to pull the boats up the beach.

Well, I think there imagination has run away in this piece.

Quaint little sign outside one of the houses.

All in all there were hundreds of different ones to photograph, this was only a few.

It's a funny old place this, although very desolate it had a wonderful ambience to it. When I took this shot of the sun going down I had to walk quite far away from the car to get under the power lines which were in the foreground. As I stood there waiting for the sun to go down I could here the pylons buzzing in the distance and it felt a bit like Quatermass and the Pit, it was very eeirie as it started to get dark,

This last image is taken from the inspiration af a photograph on sale in a shop in Hythe at a cost of £45.
I thought I would have a go at recreating it, my image has a red not green door. see what you think, as this is a funny place there is story behind it which I will divulge later.

No birds in this one Chris BUT wait till tomorrow!!

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I like the sunset Mike and the one behind the house.

  2. Hi Mike, You seem to have captured an atmosphere and portayed it beautifully to your audience, I almost feel like i,ve been there too !!
    Well done Mike and thankyou !
    But where is mine and Eileen's eye candy ?
    Chris R

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures Mike .... I really enjoyed looking at them. The colours behind the house are just gorgeous.... I think I will have a go at producing a card from a stamp I have, together with an ink pad called 'Big 'n' Juicy that has all the colours from your picture .... I will get out my trusty brayer and see what I can do over the weekend while Kendo is away .... Ooooo I feel inspired now .... I forgive you abt the lack of 'eye candy' fer me and Chris !!

  4. Thanks for your very kind comments.

    Will keep your lust for eye candy in mind but I feel that with the end of the nice weather you both may have a long wait. XX