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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Trip to Rochester Bridge Wardens

Hi folks,

The day started with Daisy making rock cakes with sultanas in the morning wearing her new chiefs gear. She's holding a recipe for ginger bread men that she is making next week. She likes cooking with her Nanny and her Mummy on the big cooker.

 After lunch we went on a trip with Sue and her Ladies Guild to Rochester and a lecture on the Bridge Wardens and a look around. We were amazed that Daisy actually sat through half an hour of a lecture before she got bored and wanted the toilet.

This is her after the event letting her hair down throwing autumn leaves about.

The lecture was very interesting and was about the bridge from the 13th century.

I was fascinated in the modification of the old bridge which was kept open to traffic by adding the steel arch  above and removing the lower arch as shown in  the photo. ( see rear lower arch removed)

One of the bronze lions heads removed from the bridge after being struck by a lorry and was then placed in the chapel. A lot of detail in the bridge as seen in the photo above the lions head.

Rochester Castle in a walk around after our visit.

Last but not least a close up of the Castle wall showing that winter is not far away.

Daisy was very good on the trip and only wanted the toilet twice.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. That was lovely Mike, My Mother would have been interested in this in the old day as she love the history of the Medway Towns.

    Ta for putting it up

  2. Fascinating stuff Mike .... You said that the Bronze head was placed in the chapel, where is the chapel? I understand the Bridge Warders Trust is a very large property owner in Kent. Some involvement, I believe, in the Medway Tunnel and Buckmore Park.

    Super, super shots of a pretty Daisy cute :)

  3. When you turn from the Rochester High Street into The Esplanade the Chapel and offices of the Bridge Wardens is just a few paces along before you cross the narrow road that leads up and around the Castle Gardens down to the Cathedral.
    I found the web site, it doesn't come up as a link:- but it is superb with information. You will see an illustrated guide for sale which we were each given.
    The Trust paid 50% of the cost of Medway Tunnel, new Maidstone Bridge and many others.
    Someone said it is open at weekends but could not find out when.
    Enjoy the read. SG

  4. Nice shots Mike, interesting stuff, but I think Daisy stole the show tody !!
    chris R