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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Daisy days starts tomorrow

Hi folks,

Well not a lot going on apart from boring old work.

Bathroom still in a mess and had to call on Trev to get clean. We are having a shower installed and a new sink and loo so this should save on our water bill.

Up in the morning early with Eileen to watch F1 from Japan should be good with Jenson 2nd on the grid.

We have Daisy till Wednesday so a lot planned for next week with her.

 Hope to report on our activities next week..................

Could not finish without a picture of her

Watch this space.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Beautiful Daisy having a good time .... I am watching the F1 Mike,whilst eating my porridge that's topped with some Maple syrup yum yum ! The three bears are nowhere to be seen but two little doggies are driving me mad hoping to help me eat it! .... NO chance! xxx

  2. Hi Mike,she is such a little princess.....look forward to your posts next week and I also have porridge in the mornings....but no maple syrup as I am diabetic BOOHOO !!!!
    Chris R

  3. I think I will go over to Eileen for breakfast, it is better than mine.

    Your welcome any time Mike (as long as I am not over at Eileen's for breakfast. Hee He

  4. @ Eileen be careful with the maple syrup on your porridge, a couple of years ago our neighbour decided to have jam on his porridge and put a good sized helping of onion relish my mistake. Not wanting to waste food he stirred it in and ate it. Yuk.

  5. Hi Just wanted to thank Susiequeue for the wonderful comments that she left on my blog, they are very much appreciated......
    Chris R

  6. So your blaming Daisy for you not making OSOW yesterday?