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Monday, 17 October 2011

Playing around

Hi folks,

Well after a hard day at work, (makes a change) my new lens turned up. See Eileen I do believe in Santa and as all the stores are putting out there Christmas wears, Sue bless hers said I could have an early present.

 So work finished and the light failing I thought I would have a play.

The idea of or this lens is to blur the background so I set about taking a few pics with deliberately messy backgrounds.

I hope I am not boring anyone. ( keep awake in the back).

Looking over next doors fence, that's a mess at the best of times..

In the kitchen making tea.

Daisy's room and her toy cars. (yes she is a girl)

Rear fence showing winter is on it's way and yes I know the fence wants treating.

Just a try out really hope to do better in my two days off with Trevor, Sue and Daisy .

Short and sweet,

Nite nite, luv Mike Xx


  1. Hello Mike ... glad you received your new lens and I can see you have put it to good use ! Your post tho is a bit of a sore point .... Ken's big lens went wrong and is out of warranty by two months! So Nikon want to charge him £800 for a repair .... ouch! After many conversations they have given him 20% off .... still painful at over £600! xx

  2. Santa, I worry about you at times Mike, LOL
    The lens works well and it is what you need.

    I like the blue jug as that stands out.

    Have fun and wrap up warm as it is getting colder. The wind was cold this morning as you can read later.

  3. Hi Mike, nice pics with your new lens !
    Thank you Mike for visiting my blog and showing an interest....Its lovely when people take the trouble and it is much appreciated !!
    chris richards

  4. @ Eileen, sorry to here about OTL's lens that's a bummer. X

    @ Trev, Well as the shops are full of gifts for Christmas I thought I would jump on the band wagon before the money runs out. lol

    @ Chris, like your site and love to take an interest. X

    Thanks for the comments all.