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Sunday, 2 October 2011

More Sun, part 2

Hi folks,
Well here we go with part two of the trip with Ken and Heather at Dungerness.

Going back to birds here is another one I shot on the day,.

Here is a Crested Tit, lazing about soaking up the sun to improve her plumage.

This is Ken praying for some rain as he didn't like the heat that much.

Walking around there was lots to see and photograph so I trundled around on my own and left the three of them in the car sleeping. The gardens, as they could not grow anything were full of bits of metal, driftwood and alike to make up areas of special beauty.

If you look closely at the side of the house you can make out the writing in old English so enlarge it by clicking on the image and have a go.

There were loads of redundant fishing boats on the beach with nets strewn about as if they had been just abandoned.

An old winch covered in rust with nets in the foreground.

Sea Kale a relative of the Cabbage growing, this plant flowers and goes back into the shingle in the winter.

Well I can't finish as the blog wont let me add any more images so will finish it off tomorrow.

nite nite luv Mike xx


  1. Nice pics Mike, how many more birds shots have you .....not much plumage on that one !!
    Chris R

  2. was that "the writing on the wall" Mike

  3. Chris, HELP, cant get into Mad Max's blog HEEELLLLPPPP.


  4. @ Trev "the writing on the wall"... stupid boy Pike

  5. That looks very much like the garden at Prospect Cotage that was owned by Derek Jarman(film drector, stage designer, author etc.) the raised text is the first stanza and the last five lines of the last stanza of John Donne's poem, The Sun Rising. Look him up on Google! Great pics by the way, Im beginning to think that I prefer your idea of bird watching!

  6. Thanks ever so much for that Mike. We spent hours the other night trying to disipher it.

    Yep my birds are far more interesting and they stay still most of the time..

  7. Oooooo you are naughty....can you look for some 'hot' fellas next time so Chris and I have some 'eye candy' to drool over! lol lol lol.
    Dungerness is one of my favourite places Mike. We go there a lot , so your pictures are full of lovely memories .... TFS .... xxxx

  8. @ Eileen, just spoke to Heather on the phone and she says that there were no decent fellas down there. I will keep my eyes open for some "eye candy" as long as they are straight otherwise they might get the wrong idea.

    Yes I love it down there and thanks to the internet I now know about the writing on the wall. XX