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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Motley crew photo shoot

Hi again folks,

Yesterday as you know we, that s Trev, Sue and I went walk about in Faversham and Oare. We dropped little legs off at Nursery and went to the  Burger bar for our lunch which is becoming a habit.

First stop was Faversham creek which is round the back doubles  of the town.

Well talk about all this Eye candy well here's 8 eyes and 2 pot bellys to boot.

We all dived into the tea shop as we were thirsty after our burgers in Ashford, dont we live it up?

Then off we went, most of the images are the same as Trev's as we were together but they are taken at a different angle and perspective as you can pick the ones you like from both blogs.

We didn't go in here but might do next time as we were tea total.

 Looking across the Creek.

These look like wot you saw yesterday, well they are.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Then off to Ore, what a wonderful spot for bird watching.

Well here's a couple but the light was bad and my little lens could not handle it but if you look on Trevs blog I'm sure there will be some better ones.

That's it for tonight as I have been working today and I am worn out.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Well Mike I thing you did ok seeing how bad the light was. We must go on a brighter day to get revenge on the light.

    I love the two horses picture.

  2. Are those two shady characters following you.....they seem to be popping up on all the blogs !!! lol, lol
    Lovely post Mike...
    Chris R

  3. Rather have the lovely horses instead of Power stations!!!

    Great post Mike and I like the Picture of you and Trev ... Please thank Sue for the extra info regarding the Bridge wardens. I have seen a sign on the gate with their opening times that they do not seem to adhere to!

  4. Reading Trevs blog he mentions and photographs what he described as a Great Egret. Believe it or not one was recorded as being on the Oare reserve on Thursday! see here
    A great spot as they are not seen often, unfortunately I think you might find that the black geese were actually cormorants. Oare is one of my favourite spots for birding with great views from the road, although Ive not been there for a while

  5. Just been checking my books and I think that Trev's Great White Egret is actually a little egret, all the images of the Great White that I can find shows them with yellow bill whereas the Little Egret, and Trev's picture, has a black bill. Sorry

  6. Cheers Mike, thanks for the info I will let Trevor know. You cant win them all.

    Unfortunately I cant make Sunday as the family are coming to lunch...Doh